Do you believe in love at first sight?

securedownload[2]I do. I have experienced it. Okay so quite a few years ago. I have been with my hubby for a very long time, and fell for him fast, but before I met my husband. I had a night when I met someone I used to know, just by chance. We walked home together and kissed, no more. But I fell fast, hard and deep literally overnight.

We were living miles away from one another and I was going home the next day, so it was only one night of talking. But I seriously fell for him.

I can still remember exactly what if felt like the next day, a weight of anxiety, like I just couldn’t sit still, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I was shaking and I couldn’t eat for weeks as we continued a telephone relationship for a few weeks.

Okay you’re saying that’s just lust. Yes I do believe in lust at first sight too, that’s a very different emotion, it’s more of a physical tug.  So, nope, I swear this was definitely love…. I even met him again and began it all again a couple of years later. So it didn’t die off quick either. I was infatuated with him for years. Sadly the feeling wasn’t mutual. Or maybe it’s better it wasn’t I am very happily married (and the feeling died off when I met him at a school reunion and he didn’t look so good. I know shallow).  But I am so glad this guy came along that night, otherwise I couldn’t write about this intensity of love at first sight in my books. I use this emotion time and again when I’m writing, and it’s there in its full force in my debut novel, The Illicit Love of a Courtesan.

I will have other couples fall more slowly in my writing. I don’t want to write lots of books the same. But I love the feeling of falling in love and that’s so great to do in a book. I say to my daughter when she goes through a break up, you know there’s a good side – you get to fall in love all over again. Well I get to do it every time I write a book, and still be faithful to my husband. And you can do it every time you read a book… All good, I just love being in love.


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