Written Fireside October – A Witch by Chance

Fireside inspiration 2

Written Fireside is Lori Connelly’s brilliant idea, a variety of authors gather around the virtual fire for a month and pass a story along across their blogs. Lori started it, and Aileen continues it today, and this month the story has a ghoulish Halloween feel, find out what happens next…

A Witch by Chance

A new part every
Tuesday & Saturday

Part 1 by Lori Connelly on Tuesday October 1st

Part 2 by Aileen Harkwood on Saturday October 5

Part 3 by Zara Stoneley on Tuesday October 8

Part 4 by Kari Lemor on Saturday October 12

Part 5 by Sarah Lefebve on Tuesday October 15

Part 6 by Carmel Harrington on Saturday October 19

Part 7 by Teresa F Morgan on Tuesday October 22

Part 8 by Lynn Marie Hulsman on Saturday October 26

Part 9 by Jane Lark on Tuesday October 29

You can also find out more about the writers on Fire Writer Friday, this week Lori hosts Carmel Harrington

Fireside inspiration


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