Musical inspiration – Gabrielle Aplin and Ne-Yo

I think a lot of writers are inspired by music. I definitely am, I’ve always been as much inspired by music as I am by writing although I am no musician. But I would feel like I’d lost something if I didn’t have music in my life. In fact it’s so well-known that I’m addicted to music that when I got knocked over and ended up in hospital for 3 months, my work colleagues all clubbed together to get me something to play my music on while I was in there, otherwise, they knew, I’d never cope 😀

When I listen to music images always spark and spur in my head, and these either develop into books, or give me a real sense of the emotion I feel in my characters. So I thought I’d share some my inspirational songs this week.

Today, its songs that develop the essence of the characters in my debut historical novel, The Illicit Love of a Courtesan.

Gabrielle Aplin’s song – The Power of Love, really gave me a sense of the lead female character, Ellen. I was deep into editing stage when I heard this, but it helped me gather together a sense of who she was, that then ran through the book. She’s a woman who is really emotionally haunted by her experiences as a Courtesan, and that’s what I needed to capture and I think the mood of this song really defined that for me…

Then for Edward, the man who has the courage to help her, well, when I heard this song, I was at the end of editing, but it does define him.

Tell me the songs that make you want to write and make you want to read…


4 thoughts on “Musical inspiration – Gabrielle Aplin and Ne-Yo

  1. Writing my latest novel, Made in Nashville, you can imagine the kind of music I’ve been listening to. The book has its own playlist now which is something I do if the story lends itself to having a soundtrack. I’ve got everything from Vince Gill to Lynyrd Skynyrd on there!

    • Ooo, I can’t wait for this book, Mandy it sounds fab, I am getting a Kindle in a fortnight, so I can read more books… This is going to be on my TBR list 😀

  2. A bit of a love fest going on – why am I not surprised? The music I listen to is eclectic and spans several different decades. If I’m writing about love ‘angst’ I always gravitate back to James Blunt – there’s something in his voice and lyrics that touches my heart …

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