Musical Inspiration – John Newman

Today, I’m sharing my musical inspirations for my second historical novel. Well, if you’ve already read The Illicit Love of a Courtesan, you’ll have an opinion about Robert, Edward’s brother. You’ll either love or hate him. He plays a key role in the first book… Can’t say more otherwise I’d spoil it, but his story really begins in The Illicit Love of a Courtesan and then progresses. He’s a bitter, slightly angry – although his friends wouldn’t know it, because he’s really good at hiding it and looking cool and calm – rake. He’s a guy with a chip on his shoulder, but when you read his book, you’ll get him. I had already finished the book when this song came out, but it’s so him. This, for me, explains exactly the direction of Robert’s passion.

The Passionate Love of a Rake… affectionately called… Robert’s story.

My characters don’t get knocked over at the end though 🙂

So what songs inspire you to read and write…? Share them…


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