Musical Inspiration – Avicii and Jason Derulo

Okay so today, I thought I’d start sharing some musical inspirations that slip further ahead. My first New Adult Romance is going to be released on December 5th and like my first historical there’s two songs that pulled me deeper into this story when I was doing the final edits. There’s this one… because the nature of a New Adult story is all about people starting out, and my characters are already over college age. Jason has moved from a small town to New York and he’s trying to find his feet there…

Where as there’s Rachel. She’s had a tough life, and she’s a mess. When he finds her, she’s crossing a bridge… So this for me… Well it has to be the main song…

What’s your musical inspiration, and what has it inspired…?


2 thoughts on “Musical Inspiration – Avicii and Jason Derulo

  1. Hi Jane. I listened to James Blunt on repeat for a whole year while writing The Songbird and the Soldier. It just put me in the right mood. For the next one( I’ve just finished) I had only one song on repeat: Rihanna’s ‘Stay’. Fortunately for my husband I have little earphones so he doesn’t go mad having to listen to them over and over again. I’m a bit lost for inspiration on my new one so far. Still hoping to find the key.

    • Hi Wendy I can’t believe you listened to it the whole time on repeat, but I understand why, because a song really does give you a mood to write in, so if you keep going back to it, it set the same mood for the character the whole way through 😀

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