Musical Inspiration – One Republic

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you know I’m always working on several writing projects at once. So here’s another WIP (work in progress), only this one is in the very early planning stages so it’s just a baby of an idea spinning out in my head, but it’s the story of two of the characters who play major parts in the plot of I Found You. Sorry, I can’t say anymore than that otherwise it would spoil that story. But my mind has already grasped this song for the next New Adult I’m working on.

What songs help you plan and get things done, or lead you in a certain direction???

And speaking of that, did you know Ronan Keating’s song Life is a Roller Coaster inspired loads of people to have affairs and walk out of marriages…? Stupid but true. Just like Fifty Shades of Grey inspired more people to shop at Ann Summers :O

This new story, will be out in the Spring 2014, but like the historical stories, you won’t have to wait that long, they’ll be a novella out between now and then.



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