Musical Inspiration – Taylor Swift

Well you’d think I’d have covered all my WIPs (works in progress) by now wouldn’t you, but no. There’s still one more to cover, although – she says behind her hand – there’s still another three manuscripts sat on my hard drive waiting to be trimmed up. But this is the last I am currently developing when I need to give the other’s a rest so I can keep going back to them with fresh eyes.

This is one more character in the Marlow series, again it’s a character who would spoil another story if their name was explained, but it’s Mary (Mary-Rose) from The Illicit Love of a Courtesan as a young woman. Who makes some brave but difficult choices… she falls for a very hardened, seriously bad, rogue. She has a tough time of it – torn between family and love…

So here’s their songs…

First there’s the song that actually started the whole story spinning off in my head, it was the first line. Lady Gaga is singing about a woman but then cuts straight to the male perspective, and I saw the scene which is the second time they meet in the book, and it’s him watching her from outside, when you read the scene you’ll know…

Then there’s another song which hovered in my mind as I wrote the whole book.


And the guy, who I won’t say the name of ’cause that would be a spoiler too, is a real mixed up mess… He’s trouble, but you will love him, because the reader will be the only one who’ll know what’s going on in his head… But Taylor Swift also sums him up.

This story is currently sitting on my hard drive at 135000 words and I’m having real difficulty cutting it down, because there is so much going on between the two of them and I don’t want to lose a scene. Perhaps that also implies why they are the only characters with three songs… I would think this one will hit readers spring or early summer, all being well 🙂

Okay, tell me what songs you listen to when you’re in a bad mood, or the middle of a break up? Sometimes, you just want a song that’s going to make you even angrier.







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