His Way Home


A  ‘Written Fireside’ story

A story passed around Harper Impulse author blogs, just like storytellers gathering around a fire, except our fire is virtual.


And yes, there’s a new story passing around, and I am slow on the up take this time, it’s already begun…

Here’s the teaser;

Part one by Lori Connelly

(The genius behind Written Fireside)

With an armful of heavy pine rounds, Beth Sullivan moved quickly through the doorway and across the room.  She dropped her burden into the box next to the fireplace.  Wind moaned in behind her when she straightened, chilling the room with its icy breath.  On feet numbed from her short trip in knee-deep snow, she hobbled back over to close the door.

Beth noticed a shape by the barn as she started to shut the solid oak panel, and paused to stare.  The figure of a person, so tall and broad that she assumed it was a man, leaned against the weathered building as though he needed support.  With a dark fedora, a grey scarf covering most of his face and a long, black coat, he almost blended in with the overcast afternoon shadows.

A woman alone should act with prudence but something about the man told Beth he needed help.  She called out but received no response.  Troubled, she hurried to him.

“Will you help me?”

Although muffled, his voice sounded deep and melodic.  It touched her in a way she couldn’t define.  He tilted his head back and she noticed bright blue eyes above the scarf.  Blood flowed down from a cut above his left eye.

Here’s the details;

Parts are being published every Tuesday (except Dec 31)  through November to January, catch up now, Parts 1 to 3 are out.

Part 1 by Lori Connelly on November 12th
Part 2 by Sarah Lefebve on November 19th
Part 3 by Zara Stoneley on November 26th
Part 4 by Lynn Marie Hulsman on December 3rd
Part 5 by Romy Sommer on December 10th
Part 6 by Jane Lark on December 17th
Part 7 by Teresa F Morgan on December 24th
Part 8 by Carmel Harrington on January 7th
Part 9 by Sue Fortin on January 14th
Part 10 by Erin Lawless  on January 21th
Part 11 by Mandy Baggot  on January 28th


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