On Valentine’s ~ Another Written Fireside Story for you :)

Lori Connelly had this brilliant idea to pass a story around blogs, as if all the Harper Impulse authors are gathered about a virtual campfire, turning to one another and passing the story along. There are new parts every Tuesday and the story has already begun on Lori’s blog so head over there and follow it on… and meet me back here on the 18th for my part 😀


On Valentine’s

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“Are you sure?”

Catherine Yew looked away from her friend to the forest, misty and mysterious, haunted by remnants of yesterday’s dense fog and smiled.


“I don’t like you being up there by yourself.”

Alone in the remote trail head parking lot, the two women sat on the tailgate of Makayla’s Subaru wagon.  Cat returned to her task, tugging her bootlaces tight before tying them.  Her bracelet, made of multiple strands of green jute with tiny bells, jingled as she moved.

“I’ll be fine,” She looped an arm around Makayla and squeezed before hopping down.  “Promise.”  Cat pulled on her mostly crimson, hand crocheted hat with ear flaps that ended in pumpkin orange braided strings and then waved toward occupant of the back seat.  “Besides I won’t be alone.”

“He doesn’t count.” …. Read the rest over on Lori’s blog 🙂


Part 1 by Lori Connelly on February 4th
Part 2 by Lynn Marie Hulsman on February 11th
Part 3 by Angela Campbell on February 18th
Part 4 by Zara Stoneley on February 25th
 Part 5 by Sue Fortin on March 4th
Part 6 Mandy Baggot by on March 11th
Part 7 by Jane Lark on March 18th

Part 8 by Lisa Fox on March 25th

Lori Connelly – Website   Blog  Facebook  Twitter   Google Plus   Amazon Author Page   Pinterest   Goodreads   Wattpad

Her books – The Outlaw of Cedar Ridge  The Lawman of Silver Creek

Lynn Marie Hulsman – Website Facebook Twitter Blog

Co-Author of – Christmas at Thornton Hall

Angela Campbell – Website   Facebook   Twitter   Blog

Her books – On the Scent   Something Wicked

Zara Stoneley – Website  Facebook  Twitter  Blog          Amazon Author Page

Her books – Summer of Surrender  Love is a Four Letter Word

Sue Fortin –  Blog   2nd Blog   Twitter

Her book –  United States of Love

Mandy Baggot – Website  Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads

Harper Impulse  Love A Happy Ending

Her books – Do You Remember?  Made in Nashville

Jane Lark – Website  Facebook  Twitter  Blog History

Her books –  I Found You  The Illicit Love of a Courtesan  The Passionate Love of a Rake

Lisa Fox – Website  Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads  Google Plus   Blog

Her book – One Kiss


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