Boy Chasing – a Valentine’s Day post

IfoundyouAD2I’m talking about boys today, in celebration of Valentine’s, and of course boys are probably my favourite topic – well I am a romance writer, and today I’m talking… chasing…

I’ll be honest thinking about it, I think most of my girl characters are chased, they don’t do the chasing, but maybe Rachel, in I Found You, a bit. Although I Found You is more a mutual pull than any chasing. But in future historical stories, and in the New Adults I ‘m working on, there will be lots of chasing, one way or another 🙂

So I have done a little self-analysis, something I think a lot of authors do – otherwise known as ‘over-thinking’ 🙂 My over-thinking makes me look at how I build my characters from personal inspiration and experience.

I’ll be honest, I did a lot of chasing when I was young, to no avail. A lot of guys ignored my chasing, and perhaps that is why I prefer to have the men chase in my books 🙂 Make them be the ones who work for it…

But anyway, I do remember the first time I chased and the guy actually started liking me… Wahoo, what a feeling. Success. He was probably the best looking guy I had tried to win over too. Certainly the most popular. He’d gone out with loads of girls. But he was close to my older brother’s group of friends and so I had access to spend a lot of time in his company, and picked up the courage to talk to him more and more, and invite him along when mutual friends planned things like going swimming in the local weir pool on the river. My old school friend still has the letter I wrote her at the time, and she read them back to me once, and it was really funny to hear my sixteen year old self talking about how much I was into him, and that he’d told a friend he was interested in me after I’d been chasing him all summer.

We were actually really alike, and he was the first guy who fell for me properly too. We didn’t last though, I messed it up, out of stupid embarrassment, but it was really good while it lasted, and I am sure my experience of chasing and winning a guy will come out in a story some when… 🙂

Oddly though my first historical was inspired by a girl who did that in the 1800s. Harriette Wilson was a very young courtesan, and the only man she fell in love with during her entire career was the man she went all out to chase and win. She saw him in a park, walking his dog, and then proceeded to go back to the park over and over, seeking opportunities to see him, and when she discovered where he lived used to watch the door of his house.

When I learned all that researching my historical stories, it really touched me, because it wasn’t any different to what young girls might do now, or even old girls 😉

I know I had school friends who would beg me to walk over the other side of town to hang around watching some boys house, and I had a friend a few years back who used to sit outside a man’s house in her car, watching him. Ha. Ha.

Harriette won her guy too, but her romance didn’t last any more than mine had, :/ sadly… Her unrequited love story did spark off my imagination to write the Illicit Love of a Courtesan though….


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