On Valentine’s – a Written Fireside story

On Valentine’s

a Written Fireside story


by Harper Impulse Authors

Follow from the beginning of the story by clicking on Part 1

Part 1 by Lori Connelly

Part 2 by Lynn Marie Hulsman

Part 3 by Angela Campbell

Part 4 by Zara Stoneley

Part 5 by Sue Fortin

Part 6 by Mandy Baggot

Part 7


Jane Lark

Mongo started barking; the noise loud and sharp, echoing about the cabin, as Paul pulled a handgun out from the back of his pants. The same handgun that had rested as a threat inside the top drawer of his bedside cabinet for all the time they’d been together.

Paul didn’t point the gun at her though, or even at Jed, he aimed it at Makayla. Because he knew hurting Makayla would hurt Cat most.

Without looking away from Paul, Cat spoke low, out the side of her mouth. “He’s my ex, and he’s dangerous.”

“I’m no ex…”

Mongo was hanging back and barking, but now he snarled, releasing a deep low aggressive warning.

Mongo didn’t dislike men, Mongo had just always seen Paul for what he was, a sick, bully.

“Shut up, you frickin’ dog!” Paul’s arm moved, the gun redirecting. She screamed, right at the moment that Makayla launched up off the floor, lunging at Paul to stop him from shooting the one friend who’d never left Cat, her dog…

The gun went off, the sound deafening Cat for a moment as Makayla fell flat on the floor and Jed caught a hold of Cat to stop her moving. Mongo barked, loud and strong! He was okay.

“Out! Go! Get out, Mongo!” Cat screamed.

Paul’s aim followed Mongo as he bounded out the door, then her lovely Labrador was gone, safe, and unless Paul ran out after him, Mongo would stay safe.

Nausea twisted in Cat’s stomach, shock, as Makayla turned on to her back, and the tip of Paul’s handgun pointed at her head again.

Jed let go of Cat and raised his hands, palm out. “Calm down now, man. Settle. We can talk this out, yeah?”

Paul’s gaze snapped over to look at Jed, his head spinning.

“No. There is nothing to talk about.” He looked at Cat. “Cat, get over here. You are coming with me.”

An order, not a question. For months of her life she’d obeyed every damned order he’d made. But not anymore. “Where?”

“Away from Oregon, we’ll go somewhere new.”

Somewhere where she would have no-one to turn to. Fear dried the saliva in her mouth, and made her limbs heavy and numb. She shook her head. But there wasn’t just her here, there was Makayla and Jed. Would he really hurt anyone? He had hurt her in the past…

Suddenly there was a sound of little bells tinkling.

My bracelet.

The noise got nearer quickly. Then heavy boot-heels hit the stairs outside…

“Hey, what the hell is going on…” Dean, Makayla’s boyfriend came through the door Mongo bounding after him. Dean had Cat’s lost bracelet in his hand.


Part 8, the final part of the story, will be published by Lisa Fox on Tuesday 25th March


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Lisa Fox – Website  Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads  Google Plus   Blog

Her book – One Kiss


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