Changes ~ A Written Fireside Story ~ Part 6

Written Fireside

Written Fireside Changes


Part 6

Here is another #free gift for you. A new ‘Written Fireside‘ story
The story is passed around Harper Impulse authors, and like a real story about a campfire,
we each tell our part and have no idea where it will go
If you’ve not read any of the previous parts, catch up with them here –

Part Six

Shit, now there was a million dollar question I didn’t want to answer.

Because I was a stupid dumb ass. Because I was lured away by un-grazed pastures…

Because I had sex with a girl I met in a club and then couldn’t face admitting it to you…

Because I was scared of what we had going and where it was taking us. Because it was too much too soon…

I’d fallen on my ass for her. I’d loved her. I still did. But I hadn’t known what it was then. Then I had called it infatuation. I’d spent every moment with her, and she’d been needy and clingy – and I wasn’t a reliable guy. I’d let numerous women down. I thought what I felt would die out, so it was better to get out before she got even deeper into me and I hurt her even more…

But those feelings had not gone. I’d carried them for two years – a huge frickin’ Marie sized hole in my chest.

And here she was again… hitting me like a sneaker wave, dragging my heart out to sea. I was submerged in what I felt for her – drowning in it…

And then those stupid drooling women from the class, had got in my way, when I’d wanted to get dressed and talk to her.

She’d snuck out though – a clear sign I was not forgiven.

So then. How the hell did I answer? Explain to me why you did it?

“’Cause I’m an idiot.” I put my arm on the back of her seat, looking over my shoulder as I reversed out of the space in the parking lot.

“You spent minutes coming up with an answer… and that’s it?”

I grinned at her. She was so different, more confident. But then I was different.

Living for two years without her, knowing I’d made one hell of a mistake – had made me a different man.

I had a chance to put it right now…

What did I say?

“No, that isn’t it, but the real answer is really long. You aren’t ready to hear it and I’m not making any dumb excuses.”

I stopped manoeuvring, let my arm drop and looked into her eyes. Shit, I remembered those blue eyes. “I’ve regretted leaving you, every day since. It was a massive mistake, and if I could turn back time, I would-“

“Great words.” She clapped, her expression turning sour, the laughter gone as acid slipped into her voice. “But they’re bullshit, remember I know you Zach. What book did you get them from?”

“The book of life. They are true. How come you are such a ballsy girl now? I don’t remember this I’ll-take-no-shit, side of you.”

The bitter look disappeared from her face and a huge smile suddenly split her lips. “I’m all fired up. I just told my boss where he can go-“

“You did not flip Dale off?”

She laughed. “I didn’t go that far, but he told me I couldn’t take anymore sick days and I told him where to stick his job…”

I glanced at her. This girl was different. “Where are we going?”

Her cell rang. She bent and dug it out of her purse.

“Hi.” Anxiety touched the single word.

“Yes this is Marie Jordan, what is it? What’s happened?” Now her pitch held desperation.

A gasp left her throat. I looked over, nearly smashing into the guy in front’s bumper, as he stopped at the entrance to the lot.

“Oh, no. Okay. I’m coming. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I have no idea how long…”

Her hand fell. Then there was a sob.

I glanced back over.

She wiped a tear off her cheek, as she dropped her cell back in her purse. Her hand shook.

“What is it?”

She turned, wiping a hand beneath her nose, as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Mom had an accident a few weeks back. She was getting better but now she’s been rushed back to hospital.”


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Enjoyed this and can’t wait for the next part of changes…

My next New Adult book is out on May 8th



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