Missing You

A Written Fireside Story ~ Part 7



Here is another #free gift for you. A new ‘Written Fireside‘ story
The story is passed around Harper Impulse authors,
and like a real story about a campfire, we each tell our part. We have no idea where it will go…
If you’ve not read any of the previous parts, catch up with them on the links below

Part 6 by Jill Knapp

Sam grabbed Kaylie’s arm. “Don’t be stupid, you can’t do this alone, that’s why you called me. I’m here to help you. Forget Cindy, forget the past, I’m sorry. I messed up, but right now none of that’s important if you want to find Max I’ll help. Even if it means we track him to a hotel or something and find him living it up. I’ll help you until you know he’s okay.”

Kaylie pulled her arm free, glaring at the man who had tumbled her life into ruins a few years back. But now maybe he could make it up to her and help her find Max. It would give her reason to forgive and forget. Then maybe the memory of his betrayal would stop being a constant irritating itch.

“Do you really think that isn’t Max’s handwriting?”

“I know it isn’t.”

“But if you think the people who were looking for the flashdrive took him why would the flashdrive be with the note?”

“I don’t know, I don’t understand any of this, and I don’t even know why the hell the note would be hidden here when there’s no guarantee I’d find it. The whole thing is just crazy.” The emotion of the last few weeks – enduring a growing fear that something had happened – all the phone calls to hospitals and the police trying to get someone to take her seriously and help – then flying out here with that fear gripping tight in her belly – was suddenly overwhelming. Tears slipped out of her eyes, despite her frustration and anger.

Sam’s hands lifted palms out. “Hey, Kaylie, I swear this not me trying to cop a feel, but just let me hold you for a minute…”

Defeated, deflated she caved and turned into him. It felt too good when his arms came around her, too right, too like home… It made her cry even more.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket.

Kaylie pulled away, her hand slipping into her pocket to grab it. She looked up at Sam, “It’s Max.”

Her heart did a vibrant tap dance in her chest as she accepted the call. “Max!”

George barked at his master’s name.

“Kaylie.” He sounded in pain. “Just do as they say.”

“You his sister?” A deep, sharp, gruff voice replaced Max’s

Fear caused more tears to burn her eyes. “Yes.” Her voice shook.

“You found the flashdrive…”

“Yeah.” She turned and looked up around the walls of the shadowy basement. How did they know?

“Yeah, we are watching. So you’d better do what we say. We need you to deliver the flashdrive, if you do that, then we may just let your brother go. If you don’t…”

Kayleigh took a shaky breath.

“Who is the guy with you?”

She looked at Sam. She couldn’t say he was a private investigator, that would mean they may all end up dead. “My boyfriend.”


This story continues, in Zara Stoneley’s hands, next Tuesday

Part 8 by Zara Stoneley


Part 9 by Aimee Duffy

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